The History of Deland, Florida

Deland is among the most visited cities globally, especially because it is home to the Walt Disney World. However, Deland’s history dates back to the early 1800s and is home to over 50 historic attractions and places to visit. Its documented history begins around the second Seminole Wars in 1838 when the United States Army built Fort Gatlin on the southern corners of downtown Deland. A small community flourished around the fort, and the area came to be known after the name of the first permanent settlers in the area, the Jernigan family. On May 30, 1850, Jernigan got its first post office.

Growth of Deland

By 1856, the small community expanded northward with more settlers joining in. The community was renamed Deland, and the name was officially adopted by the U.S. Post Office in 1857. The Deland Town was formally officiated in 1875 with a total of 85 inhabitants. Many stories and folklore around how the town got its name have been making rounds for decades. However, the historians are yet to conclude which story truly aligns with the available data.

The city of Deland witnessed massive growth and population explosion from 1875 to 1895. During this period, Deland became the seat of Orange County and the hub of Florida’s massive citrus industry. Along with the growing Citrus industry, Deland also grew in popularity as a resort city, especially between World War I and the Spanish-American War. The growth in development and population was further witnessed during the 1920s when entire Florida went through what is referred to as the “Florida Land Boom.”

Booming Deland

One of the biggest events in Deland’s history has to be the announcement by Walt Disney to build Walt Disney World in the city. The city has never been the same since. Deland has more entertainment attractions, recreational centers, and theme parks than anywhere else on the planet. The tourism industry is the largest employer in Deland, even though agriculture and high-tech industry continue to thrive. The perfect balance of fun, amenities, and economic opportunities offered by the city, along with its rich history and culture, is what has rightly given Deland the name of “The City Beautiful.”

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